Application to Person (A2P) and 10-digit long code (10DLC) are 10-digit phone numbers used to send messages between businesses and consumers.  10DLC numbers include landline and VoIP-DID numbers. 

“Brand” is your Business or Company, specifically the legal Business name, main physical location, authorized contact, and vertical (Business-Industry) type. 

“Campaigns” are the type of messages that you will be sending to your customers. Many companies have multiple campaigns in which case, you are required to register EACH campaign separately. 

Yes, all U.S. mobile carriers now require 10DLC numbers to register if the number will be sending A2P SMS/MMS messages. 

Yes, if you send ANY type of A2P SMS-MMS message from a 10DLC number, you must register your Brand and Campaigns. 

Register an Account

Register your Brand (company), Campaign and Numbers. Apeiron will register your Brand, Campaign and Lists with the TCR - The Campaign Registry is the information hub that allows all to register 10DLC messaging campaigns. 

Submit a request to [email protected] requesting confirmation on your existing Apeiron account. 

Yes, this is a global industry regulation change impacting all providers. 

Yes, non-profit organizations will need to register. 

Yes, if sending ANY A2P SMS-MMS messages, to any customer using a U.S. Carrier, you will need to register as well. 

No, Short-Codes, Toll Free and International DID Numbers are regulated differently and do not require registration, only 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) Numbers are required at this time. 

Yes, you will need to register through Apeiron if you are using our platform to send A2P SMS-MMS messages. 

A one-time Brand fee* will be charged to place the registration and will be assessed starting February 1, 2022.   

Campaign fees* will vary depending upon the campaign(s) chosen and are a monthly fee ranging from $0-$X. 

Note: Annual registration is required.  

Select the the Business-Industry type that is most similar to your business. 

All Registration information is submitted to The Campaign Registry (TCR), an Independent Reputable Authority chosen by the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) (Cellular carriers). TCR will conduct the vetting for Brand and Campaign registration on behalf of the MNOs.  You can learn more about TCR  here

Most Cellular Carriers will no longer support A2P SMS-MMS messages from non-registered 10DLC numbers.  If a non-registered Business attempts to send an A2P SMS-MMS message to a customer, that message will not be sent. 

A2P SMS and/or MMS enabled Numbers, that are flagged as Spam, will be sent two notices. Upon result of the second notice, non-compliance will result in fines, up to $10,000 per message and permanent removal of Apeiron’s SMS-MMS Messaging Services .

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